Coastal and marine areas

Boasting some of the Great Barrier Reef’s most accessible inshore islands – The Keppels – our coastal and marine areas support robust tourism and fishing industries.

Our coastal areas encompass one of only five international wetlands of significance in Queensland, and host six of the world’s seven marine turtle species as well as Australia’s southern-most population of the Australian snubfin dolphin.

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CQ coastal and marine areas

Importance of, trends and pressures impacting these areas in the Fitzroy Region.


Integrated modelling and excellent visualisations showing currents, water temperature, water quality and more across the Great Barrier Reef.

Fitzroy's coastal and marine ecosystems

Maps, stats and facts to explore and explain Fitzroy Region’s coastal and marine ecosystems.

Gladstone Harbour report

Annual condition reports on the state of Gladstone Harbour from GHHP.

GBR marine report

Annual condition reports on the state of the Great Barrier Reef.

QLD coasts and marine

Resources to learn about and look after these areas in Queensland.

Walk the Landscape - Calliope

Stories, facts and interactive maps of the Calliope Catchment, including coastal and marine areas.

Walk the Landscape - Lower Fitzroy

Stories, facts and interactive maps of the Lower Fitzroy Catchment, including coastal and marine areas.

Regional NRM news and stories about our coastal and marine areas:

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