Restricted invasive plant under Queensland’s Biosecurity Act 2014Declared Class 2 Pest Plant under Queensland’s Stock Route Management Act 2002 and declared as a Weed of National Significance

One of Australia’s worst weeds, this tropical American plant is highly invasive and can choke pastures and waterways as well as out-compete native and desirable pasture species.

Forming impenetrable thickets, Parkinsonia (commonly called Jerusalem thorn or jelly bean tree) can block animal and human access to watering points, overtake pastures, and make stock mustering incredibly difficult.

Preventing its spread and using control methods tailored to the local landscape and environment is vital; it is a legal requirement for all landholders to control Parkinsonia on their land. If visiting an infested area, always clean vehicles and machinery in a dedicated wash-down bay to prevent transporting seeds. Learn how to identify, control and prevent the spread of this agressive weed from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Parkinsonia fact sheet.


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