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Fitzroy Basin Association Inc.

Team Turtle CQ

Capricorn and Curtis Coast Volunteers

The Team Turtle CQ project is a collection of volunteers along the Caproicron and Curtis Coast who participate in citizen science by recording data on nesting marine turtles and hatchlings. Walking along local beaches volunteers record nesting turtle tracks, successful nests or nest attempts, presence of threats including evidence of predators (foxes, goannas etc.), 4WD tracks or light impacts.

Community volunteers are trained through a series of workshops to positively identify marine turtle tracks on beaches throughout the nesting and hatching season (November – January).

Register your interest in joining Team Turtle CQ by emailing lisa.delriccio@fba.org.au

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

MyWater Community Portal

Local waterway monitoring

Individuals, schools and community groups are invited to get involved in local waterway monitoring. FPRH have a range of resources available to support the community to test their local waterways and increase the awareness of waterway health. Use your school or science club equipment, or get in touch with us as we provide a Care for Creeks bursary annually to provide equipment to support testing of the Basin’s waterways. Increased awareness of the health of our waterways is important for the entire community to understand the impacts industries and communities have on our valuable rivers and streams.

Our aim is to increase the data entered by the community into our MyWater portal, so we can have one of the largest citizen science water data samples in Australia!

Choose from the programs above, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please register your interest so we can let you know when something suitable arises.

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