About FLOW

If you are looking for something fun, free and interactive in the centre of Rockhampton, discover FLOW Visitors Centre!

Located inside the historic former post office building in East Street, Rockhampton, it’s packed with interesting and interactive displays. The centre is open from 10 AM to 3 PM, Tuesday to Thursday (excluding public holidays).

FLOW Visitors Centre is a public education space created by Fitzroy Basin Association.

  • Flow Opening Hours

    Tues - Thurs: 10.00am to 3.00pm
    Fri - Mon: Closed
    Public Holidays: Closed

  • (07)4999 2800
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At FLOW you will find:

  • Large maps of the Fitzroy Basin in central Queensland
  • An interactive map table that shows different land uses like farming, grazing and mining
  • Beautiful photos and information panels about special plants, animals and places
  • Short, engaging videos featuring cute characters and local farmers
  • A kids corner with a board game, colouring sheets and scale model of a fish way

Classroom sessions at FLOW

FLOW Visitors Centre can cater to students of every age including prep, primary, high school and university or TAFE students. It has entertaining and interactive features that will engage your students. We also offer tailored activities, games, or guest speakers.

FLOW’s tailored education sessions are tied to the Australian school curriculum.  FLOW classroom sessions will cater for up to 25 students and are to 1.5 hours in length, providing the ideal amount of time to engage students in a fun, informative and engaging way.

Please book at least four weeks in advance so we can offer you a customised experience when bringing your class to FLOW. Your school may also be eligible for a subsidy to help pay for bus hire.

If your school is not within travelling distance to the centre, we can also offer our innovative FLOW On The Go program, which is a travelling program designed to make our FLOW program even more accessible to all students across the basin.

Our visits have included Emerald, Springsure, Gladstone and Biloela, so please let the FLOW team know if you would like us to consider a future road-trip to your part of the Fitzroy Basin.

Beat the school holiday boredom

Each school holidays, we offer a hugely popular and FREE school holiday program at FLOW. Each school holidays has a different theme and program, brought to you by the FLOW staff and a multitude of supporting partners. Bookings are essential so get in quick!

Frequently asked questions about FLOW

What activities do we offer at FLOW?

The centre has entertaining and interactive features that will engage your students. We can also augment the content of the centre with tailored activities, games, or guest speakers. To view our education sessions tied to Australian and Queensland Curriculum click here.

For younger audiences we keep our activities simple, fun and hands-on where possible. For older audiences we can facilitate more sophisticated activities and discussions, or arrange presentations by natural resource management professionals, scientists and researchers.

What is the ideal class size?

We can easily work with groups of 25 students. Please talk to us about larger groups, because this is still possible – especially if you have teacher aides or parents that can help.

What is the ideal visit duration?

Visits usually take at least 1.5 hours. This allows time for introductions, a few rotations between activities and a debrief.