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FBA’s Flow Centre

FBA's Flow Centre

Fitzroy Basin Association’s Flow Centre is Australia’s only permanently housed Natural Resource Management display. Located in the heart of Rockhampton the centre tells an important story of the region’s natural assets, and what must be done to protect them.

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Fire in the Australian Landscape

The effects of fire on plants, fungi and vegetation communities

This is the second Note in the Land for Wildlife fire series and looks at the effects of fire on plants, fungi and vegetation communities. Plants and fungi respond in different ways to fire; some species regenerate quickly after fire, others undergo mass flowering and fruiting, some germinate, and others contract or perish from exposure to fire. For some plant and fungi species, fire plays an important role in their lifecycle. At a broader scale, fire can be an important determinant of vegetation communities and can help form boundaries between vegetation communities.

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Take 3 for the Sea – Are there microplastics in our waterways?

Microplastics Monitoring Manual

Become a part of a citizen science microplastic program that provides reliable microplastic data whilst educating and engaging communities.

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FBA waterway health poster

How to responsibly dispose of aquarium fish

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FBA Catchment Poster

How to care for catchments, creeks, coasts, corals and us

This A3 poster outlines how citizens can care for our waterways and the Great Barrier Reef!

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FBA fish friendly poster

How to help create a fish friendly future

This A3 poster is a bright and simple resource outlining how citizens can look after our local waterways.

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FBA groundwater poster

Top tips to protect our groundwater

An A3 poster that simply outlines how citizens can protect groundwater.

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FBA soil poster

Saving our soils - and keeping them healthy

An A3 poster outlining the importance of healthy soils.

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Land for Wildlife website

Land for Wildlife

Through Land for Wildlife website you can learn about native plants, animals and ecosystems on your property, and get advice on managing threats such as weeds and pest animals.

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