Training Reimbursement Program

Through funding from the Australian Government, FBA is offering to reimburse up to 70% of the cost of training courses, capped at $700 per financial year per business.

FBA believes that the continued growth and development of land manager skills and knowledge is an important part of achieving sustainable management of our natural resources and the long-term sustainability of our agricultural industry. Training reimbursement is offered to eligible landholders who have, or wish to participate in eligible training.

Training eligibility

There are a number of training courses and events run throughout the region that promote sustainable land management practices to increase productivity and improve ecosystem services.  Courses and events that are suitable for training reimbursement must help landholders:

  • Understand, develop and implement a property management plan
  • Understand the advantages of improved ground cover and develop strategies to manage for it
  • Implement management systems which ensure optimal pasture utilisation rates to improve condition of the land
  • Identify areas with chronic low ground cover, susceptible land types and gullies, and implement strategies which will reduce the amount of sediment lost from these areas
  • Implement practices that will result in reduced sediment loss off property and improved water quality
  • Use forage/feed budgets to set stocking rates
  • Monitor ground cover and/or grazing land condition

Check out FBA’s list of recommended training courses here, and be sure to visit the FBA events calendar for other upcoming sessions.

If you have attended, or would like to attend a different training or capacity building event, please contact Katie Crozier on 0408 874 042 or to discuss its suitability for training reimbursement.

Landholder eligibility

Training reimbursement is available to any landholder who:

    • owns or manages grazing or cropping lands within the Fitzroy Basin area, AND
    • has completed all modules of a Grazing BMP or Grains BMP program.

Enquire now

How to make a claim

Once you have completed the course either email or post the following to FBA:

  • copy of your certificate of participation/attainment
  • copy of your course invoice from the training provider
  • completed reimbursement application form
  • invoice addressed to FBA for the amount of 70% of the total course cost – capped at $700 per financial year

Email: with the subject line “Training reimbursement request”

Post: Fitzroy Basin Association, PO Box 139, Rockhampton, Qld, 4700