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Creating a legacy future generations will be proud to inherit

Project Snapshot - Establishing 'A-class' Grazing in the Burdekin and Fitzroy

PROJECT SUMMARY • Cross-regional program coordination with NQ Dry Tropics • Over 50 graziers canvassed, eight engaged in the Fitzroy Region project • The eight Fitzroy participants collectively installed 34.5km of fencing, 35.9km pipe, nine tanks and 30 troughs to facilitate offstream watering • 19 regional landholder events to support and promote improving practices • End of program celebratory Reef to Beef tour in Townsville for project participants and families

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Supporting landholders to save their soils and the reef

Project Snapshot - Gully Remediation in the Fitzroy

PROJECT SUMMARY • Over 190 landholders canvassed, 44 landholders engaged across five Fitzroy subcatchments • 176 property visits and 56 site assessments • 53 erosion management plans developed • 3,441 hectares of gullies and vulnerable land (i.e. scalds) fenced for stock exclusion • 140 hectares of gullies treated through erosion control structures • 652 erosion control structures constructed • Four demonstration site field days to promote gully remediation and soil saving management practices

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Delivering NRM outcomes in the Fitzroy Region since 1997

Snapshot - Key FBA Initiatives

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Bringing endangered species back from the brink

Project Snapshot- Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

OUTCOMES • Bridled Nailtail Wallaby population doubled at Taunton National Park • Population estimated to be 393 as of 2017, possibly the highest numbers since 1973 • Metapopulation plan developed • Increased capacity to establish genetically viable populations and secure species survival long-term • 24 landholders successfully engaged in coordinated feral animal control and land management practices • 2,534 hectares designated and managed as a wildlife corridor on neighbouring private property, increasing total size of suitable wallaby habitat • Wallaby habitat connectivity improved • Individual wallabies from Taunton population successfully translocated to Pillaga West National Park in NSW for breeding program

Australia’s largest streambank stabilisation project

Project Snapshot - Fitzroy River at Yaamba

AIM - To stabilise 1.2km of the Fitzroy River which lost 266,000 tonnes of sediment (and 20 metres of bank) during and after Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.

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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 152

Totally Wild Explore Mt Etna National Park and our 20 Million Tree project

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv paid Mt Etna Caves National Park a visit to learn more about our Ghost and Bentwings Bats and the project we were undertaking to sustain their survival.

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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 153

Totally Wild Tv - learn about CQUni Gladstone's seagrass program - partly funded by FBA

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv interviewed Dr Emma Jackson about CQUni Gladstone's seagrass research project. The project aims to find ways to stop seagrass disappearing and restore lost grass through transplantation. Watch the video to learn more!

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Totally Wild – S23 Ep. 172

Totally Wild Tv teach young viewers how the land and the ocean are connected

In mid-2016 Totally Wild Tv visited Steve and Claire's central Queensland grazing property to learn how they are caring for their land and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Reducing Sediment Loss in the Fitzroy Basin

Remote Livestock Management Systems Case Study

Three central Queensland grazing enterprises have trialled an innovative Remote Livestock Management System focusing on reducing sediment loss and increasing productivity. The trail was supported by Fitzroy Basin Association through funding from the Queensland Government’s Reef Water Quality Program Innovation Fund. All project participants were located in the Fitzroy Basin on different land types and with different management systems in place. This case study explores each participant’s experience with the RLMS system.

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