Central Brigalow Financial Offsets Tender Project – Phase Two

Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) is pleased to announce that Phase Two of the Central Brigalow
Financial Offsets Tender Project has officially commenced with expressions of interest opening in

The program seeks to compensate for the loss of environmental values from approved mining and
development activities. It does this by paying Queensland landholders to protect and manage the
same or similar values found on their land, with a key focus on poplar box communities that provide
important habitat for native animals in the region.

Like Phase One, the project will be supported by the Fitzroy Basin Association and the Department of
Environment and Science (DES), including the Queensland Herbarium, through funding from the
Queensland Government’s secured offsets account. Working with eligible landholders FBA will help
identify potential offset sites, capture baseline data, and assist landholders with both the
development of tender applications and the establishment of offset agreements and associated
delivery plans.

Interested in learning more about this opportunity? Please fill in the form below and FBA will ensure
that you obtain the information you seek.

31 August 2021 update

Submit your Expression of Interest

Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) invites central Queensland landholders interested in the Central Brigalow Environmental Offsets Tender (Phase II) to submit an expression of interest. Applications close COB 27, September 2021.