Become a volunteer or FBA member

Everyone has something of value to contribute, and every little bit of effort combines to make a huge difference! We can help you take the first step! Sign-up for our e-newsletter (at the very bottom of this page) to get information about events in CQ where volunteers are needed.

Volunteering is a great way to:

  • Do something different: Try something outside your usual routine and expand your experiences.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors: Do physical, hands-on work in the bush, on the beach, or even underwater!
  • Meet new people: Get to know generous, friendly and passionate people from a variety of backgrounds and age groups.
  • Improve your skills: Learn about the land, nature, or how to organise people and events. It’s an ideal way for job-seekers and students to improve their resume.
  • Share your expertise: From practical work to scientific studies, through to professional support with promotions, administration, and securing new funding.

Get involved

Landcare is for everybody

Landcare in Queensland includes around 300 groups that involve more than 60,000 people. Landcare groups vary in their aims, size and formality, but at their heart they are simply a collection of people keen to care for land and water resources. Take a look at the list of current Landcare groups in our region and get in touch.

Fitzroy Basin Association hosts a Regional Landcare Facilitator funded by the Australian Government’s Landcare Facilitators Initiative. The facilitator supports local Landcare and primary producer groups, fosters new membership, and provides practical support for events and projects.

If you are interested in starting your own group, or want to have a chat about the benefits of Landcare, contact the Fitzroy Basin Regional Landcare Facilitator on (07) 4999 2842.

Good reasons to join Fitzroy Basin Association

  • Help shape the direction of FBA by voting for our board (Stakeholder Members only)
  • Liaise with our Board and staff at member-only events to provide ideas and feedback
  • Discounted rates to hire the FBA Board Room
  • Receive direct emails alerting you to FBA events, and our annual general meeting
  • Receive electronic copies of research and other publications produced by or on behalf of FBA
  • Become a trusted part of our network, help us expand community engagement efforts

Membership of FBA is free across our two classifications. Members are asked to be familiar with and abide by the terms and conditions under Section 4 of FBA’s Constitution.

Stakeholder Membership

Open to groups, including community and industry groups, incorporated associations, corporate bodies, local government, local government associations, government departments which have an interest in the objectives of FBA.

Stakeholder Applications need to be approved by the Board. The Secretary will notify Stakeholder Applicants of the Board’s decision following the next Board meeting.

Stakeholders must appoint a delegate. Only the member’s nominated delegate is eligible to vote on its behalf. In the event a nominated delegate is not available to attend the Annual General Meeting, a Proxy form must be completed by the nominated delegate appointing a substitute delegate to act as Proxy. This Proxy form must be forwarded to the Secretary by post, fax, email or delivered to the Registration Desk on the day of the meeting.

Associate Membership

Open to individuals, who have the interests of the association and furtherance of its objectives in mind. (Associate Members do not have voting rights.)

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