Wild dogs

Wild dogs

Restricted invasive animal under Queensland’s Biosecurity Act 2014

Wild dogs, including dingoes, do not need human care and are well known for killing and harassing livestock, pets and wildlife. They can even threaten our safety.

Spreading disease, and killing and mauling stock as well as native animals (including our endangered bridled nail-tail wallaby), wild dogs pose a significant threat to our regional economy and environment. They readily breed with pure dingoes and sometimes domestic dogs, and are found in remote as well as urban areas, posing a safety threat to pets and people.

Control is most effective across adjoining properties using a variety of methods including trapping, baiting, shooting, fencing and using livestock guardian animals. For further information on how to control wild dogs see the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Wild Dog fact sheet.  You can also report wild dog sightings on the WildDogScan app.

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