Native Grasslands

Natural grasslands seed head

Native grasslands of the Central Highlands and the northern Fitzroy Basin once covered an area of about 1.2 million hectares, from Collinsville in the north, to Carnarvon National Park in the south. Now less than half remains.

Much of this grassland has been heavily modified through grazing, cropping, planting of non-native grasses and constructing roads and towns. With careful management the native grasslands of this region can be highly productive grazing lands. Healthy grasslands are drought tolerant, resistant to weed infestation and provide a diverse range of pasture plants to grazing stock throughout the year. Even small patches of grassland can provide habitats to native animals and are a valuable source of native pasture seeds.

Got native grasslands on your property? Contact FBA today for management advice and to help us learn more about the extent of grasslands in our region.

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