Kroombit Tinker Frog

Kroombit Tinker Frog

Taudactylus pleione

These small frogs grow to about 25mm in length and can be identified by an X-shaped patch between its shoulders. Its body is greyish with brown specks, and yellowish back legs. It has darker grey spots between the eyes and a rounded nose.

Habitat and food

Kroombit Tinker Frogs are only found near Gladstone in high altitude rainforests within the Kroombit Tops National Park and Kroombit Forest Reserve. It prefers to sit around or under rocks near where water drains or seeps from the ground. Kroombit Tinker Frogs probably eat insects, spiders and other bugs.


It’s very hard to know how many Kroombit Tinker Frogs are left, because they are very hard to spot! They are listed as vulnerable. Surveys of the frogs are done by listening for the frog’s call, or croaking during mating season – they make an almost metallic ‘tink’ noise. FBA has supported surveys to help improve knowledge of the species.

The frog is at risk of extinction because of its isolation, as well as:

  • wildfires that may burn its rainforest habitat.
  • attacks by feral animals that may also disturb its habitat, dirty waterways or destroy eggs.
  • disturbance through activities like forestry and visitors/tourists.

For more information about special species at Kroombit Tops download the flyer.

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