Coral Creeper or Small Bush Violet

Coral Creeper or Small Bush Violet

Barleria repens (also known as coral creeper or small bush violet) is an introduced environmental weed that is thriving on the coast of Queensland.

A common garden escapee, Barleria repens is often found in urban bushland and disturbed forest along the coastline of Queensland.  If given the opportunity, the weed will colonise and dominate disturbed areas, roadsides and riparian vegetation.

Barleria repens’ ability to dominate and colonise riparian zones and damaged land is a serious threat to native vegetation and animals. Once established, Barleria repens forms a dense thicket that displaces vegetation and prevents animal movement.

FBA is proud to support the volunteer group Barleria repens Working Group and their efforts to map the pest species in the Fitzroy Basin. Explore their interactive web-based map.

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