Our plans

Ensuring a sustainable future for our industries, communities and environment requires careful planning. We work with stakeholders, all levels of government, industry and communities to develop regional plans that help ensure our communities are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable for the long term.


FBA Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan, developed by the board, guides us in our mission to empower our region with the resources, knowledge and skills to maintain our natural assets for future generations.

Download our Strategic Plan.


Central Queensland is experiencing profound change in industry, land use, community and climate. Planning allows us to capitalise on the opportunities while managing risks.


The Central Queensland Sustainability Strategy 2030 (CQSS:2030) draws on the best available knowledge so we can work together to protect our natural assets: it’s vital for our region’s continued balanced growth.

CQSS:2030 provides a blueprint for how we can work together to better manage and protect our natural assets.

Visit the CQSS:2030 website.


The Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP:2015) has been developed to improve water quality in the Fitzroy Basin to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

WQIP:2015 covers the Fitzroy Basin and coastal catchments (Styx, Shoalwater, Water Park Creek, Boyne and Calliope) as well as adjacent marine waters. The plan sets water quality targets for the region, identifies priority areas to undertake works and recommends management actions to improve water quality. It will guide investments in our region to improve water quality and help restore the health of the Reef.

Visit the WQIP:2015 website.