Meet our board members

Our Board are passionate about taking our region and FBA forward. Together they represent interests from a diverse cross-section of the central Queensland community.

Meet our staff Meet our members

Ainsley McArthur

(Voting member)

Innovation | Cattle grazing | Connecting country and city

Annette Smith

(Treasurer and Deputy Chair)

Property values | Agricultural education | Irrigation

Ben Lawrie

(Voting member)

Risk management | Cattle and grains | Accounting

Cr Gail Godwin-Smith

(Voting member)

Central Highlands Regional Council LGA | Grazing & dryland cropping

Daniel Yates

(Voting member)

Heath, safety and environment management | Risk management

Dennis Cormack

(Voting member)

Mixed enterprise farming | Research & development | Landcare

Graham Volck

(Voting member)

Irrigated cropping | Sustainable agriculture | Agronomy

Justin Cagney

(Non-voting member)

Mining regulation | Aquatic resource management

Lurlene Henderson

(Voting member)

Native Title & Cultural Heritage | Indigenous wellbeing

Mayor Bill Ludwig

(Voting member)

Livingstone Shire Council LGA | Entrepreneurship | Community

Myles Ballentine

(Voting member)

Dryland cropping | Grazing | Chickpea production

Paul Walmsley

(Non-voting member)

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries | Innovation | Agribusiness development

Rebecca Allen

(Non-voting member)

GBRMPA | Natural resource management | Environment

Sean Conaghan


Irrigation & dryland cropping | Grazing