About Our Region

The Fitzroy Basin region is over 156,000 square kilometres in size and supports significant agricultural and mining industries. It’s both the largest river basin to flow into the iconic Great Barrier Reef lagoon, and the largest river system to drain Australia’s east coast.

Around 230,000 people live and work in the communities of the Fitzroy Basin. Agriculture is the major land use, up to 90 per cent of the landscape is used to produce food and fibre. Local grazing and farming enterprises are worth $1.2 billion annually to Queensland’s economy. The region includes 40 of Queensland’s 55 coal mines – a multi-billion dollar industry.

We’ve got mountain ranges, native grasslands, brigalow forests and internationally significant wetlands all teeming with wildlife, some only found in this part of the world. Running through these landscapes and funnelling into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon is a massive network of rivers and streams: more than 20,000km of waterways. Everything in the Basin is connected by and relies on this water.

Explore the region with FBA’s guides to wetlandspest species, special plants and animals, cultural heritage and strategies:

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