Planning for Water Quality Improvement

Water of adequate quality and quantity is central to the integrity of the environment.

It is essential to our agricultural enterprises, even to our ability to ensure we have sufficient drinking water to supply our needs.

Over 20,000 km of waterways form the Fitzroy Basin, the largest river basin flowing into the iconic Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is coordinating the development of a regional Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Fitzroy and coastal catchments (Styx, Shoalwater, Waterpark Creek, Boyne and Calliope) through funding from the Australian Government Reef Programme.

FBA is working in partnership with our network of industry bodies, sub-regional groups, government agencies and private enterprise to revise our region’s water quality improvement plan, incorporating advancements in science, current best management practice knowledge and our understanding of river systems and how they function.

The plan will focus on two key areas sustainable environment and sustainable agriculture.

A draft of the revised Water Quality Improvement Plan will be available for public comment in early 2016 and a number of information sessions will be held. To keep up to date with the latest developments fill out the form to the right to subscribe to our newsletter.