Our partners

Together we achieve greater results

The Fitzroy Basin is a big place. More than twice the size of Tasmania in fact. So it’s not an easy task to effectively communicate, develop projects or run events across the catchment. That is why Fitzroy Basin Association has developed an alliance with organisations across the region.

Our delivery partners do what the name suggests – help us deliver to our community. This means they are the main point of contact for farmers and graziers. Their offices are located in each major sub-catchment of the Fitzroy Basin.  They provide:

  • advice on land management and property planning
  • support for land managers to apply for funding to complete a project
  • guidance to join one of our business development programs
  • information about training and events

To find our delivery partner closest to you please view the Fitzroy Basin map.

While a land manager works through one of our delivery partners to develop a project application, if successful, their contract is directly with FBA.

Keeping us in business

Our funders

Fitzroy Basin Association receives funds through various Australian and Queensland Government programs, as well as one-off grants. In particular we receive support through:

Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, including Reef Trust and Reef Programme

Queensland Government Regional NRM program

Meet our partners

Capricornia Catchments
P: (07) 4921 0573

Capricornia Catchments look after the Fitzroy and Coastal Catchments, Three Rivers and Boyne Calliope.

P: (07) 4982 2996

The Central Highlands Regional Resource Use and Planning Cooperative (CHRRUP) covers catchments of the Comet and Nogoa Rivers

P: (07) 4993 1004

Dawson Catchment Coordinating Association develops projects in the catchments of the Dawson River, south from Injune through to Biloela.

Australian Government

The National Landcare Programme and Reef Programme are two key ways the Australian Government funds environmental management of our natural resources by supporting communities, farmers and other land managers.

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government’s Regional NRM Programs business unit works with people and organisations both inside and outside of government who are involved in natural resource management.