Cultural Heritage

Download a Teacher Kit with in-class activity sheets relating to these videos on the For Students and Teachers page.


About This Video Series

Physical and spiritual connections to land and water resources are essential to indigenous culture. Indigenous people have valuable knowledge of plants, animals, waterways, and how to manage the environment.

These videos showcase the stories of local indigenous people. Sharing the ecological knowledge included in these stories is an important way to improve understanding and maintain the strong and enduring indigenous culture in Central Queensland.

A teacher kit for these videos can be downloaded on the 'For students and Teachers' page, see link below the videos.

The videos were developed by Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. with funding through the Australian Government's Caring for our Country.

Central Queensland’s indigenous culture remains strong – with a number of recognised Traditional Owner groups and respected Elders. Traditional Owner Groups are organisations that are registered and working towards native title claims, and Elders are mature members of these groups with prominent role model status in the community.