Case Studies

Personalised support

Kim and Doug Muirhead recently became Grazing BMP Accredited Producers through personalised support from Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA).

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Addressing pasture rundown

Soil testing and tailored support has helped these two graziers trial pasture rundown solutions.

Innovations in grain growing

With the support of FBA through funds from the Queensland Government's Innovations Fund, these two grain growers were able to

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Managing pests

Managing and controlling pests helps protect the natural assets we rely on.

Sunlight on fields of staghorn coral. Barren Island, Keppels.
Local projects improve water quality, protect Reef

Sharing the projects and celebrating the achievements of those who decided to make a difference to the Great Barrier Reef

Recording Tradtional Ecological Knowledge Corio Bay – Bill and Tosie

Local traditional owners, the Darumbal People, hold a rich ecological and cultural knowledge about their country.

Recording Traditional Knowledge at Corio Bay – Nyoka and Amanda

Local traditional owners, the Darumbal People, hold a rich ecological and cultural knowledge about their country.

Protecting the Reef and improving water quality

WQIP:2015 identifies priority areas and targets that offer the greatest potential to improve water quality.

Building Resilience – Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald Flood Recovery

In January 2013, excessive rain from Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald—800mm over 20 hours—triggered massive flooding in areas, higher than previously seen.

From the beach to the bush: A young person’s perspective on caring for the environment

Completely opposite lifestyles and upbringings yet the girls discovered they are very similar after spending a day in each other’s

Volunteers – why we do what we do and love it!

Volunteers give countless hours of their time to help protect the environment and improve its condition for future generations.

We love our jobs and here’s why…

We’re very proud of the important work we do!

Better beef businesses with Grazing BMP

Robert Sherry and his wife Jane run Wahroonga, a 10,000 hectare cattle property in the Clarke Creek district approximately 200

Managing erosion and improving water quality by fencing waterways

The Turichs have found that by having the ability to control cattle access, they can manage sediment run off and

Move to rotational grazing on Dumbarton Station

Winemaker turned grazier Brian McGuigan got help from FBA through a Reef Rescue grant to improve the profitability and sustainability

Anne Anderson and her grandson Christopher
Anderson family adopts minimum till

Mixed enterprise farmers Eion and Anne Anderson became eligible for an Australian Government Reef Rescue grant by getting involved in

A consultant worked with Kevin O'Keeffe to improve his spray rig
Spray rig improvements through Grains BMP

Doing Grains Best Management Practices (BMP) enabled Carmel and Kevin O’Keeffe to successfully apply for funding to upgrade their spray

GPS collars used to track cattle movement

An innovative research project in central Queensland is tracking cattle movement in paddocks with different layouts, to see how much

Snapshot of local community work to protect the reef

The everyday actions of people in the Fitzroy Basin and coastal catchments are helping protect the Great Barrier Reef and

Mixed enterprise benefits from Grazing BMP

Adele and David O'Connor run two mixed grain and grazing properties near Springsure, managing a combined total of almost 16000

Growing organic beef sustainably

Brett and Renee Christie own Wedgewood, a grazing business located 50 kilometres north of Blackwater in the Fitzroy Basin. The

Recovering from flooding at Dangarfield

Dangarfield is the jewel in the crown of Dangarfield Cattle Company's operations, which includes five properties in the Taroom -

Cliff Bunn monitoring at Bicentennial Lagoon in Emu Park
Volunteer effort restores Emu Park bushland

This is the personal story of Cliff Bunn, an active Bushcare volunteer on the Capricorn Coast. Fitzroy Basin Association works

Best practices in cotton farming

Mick and Debbie Austin manage Harcourt, a 4000 acre property near Baralaba. Flood irrigated cotton is grown on 700 acres.

Grass growing in inter-row area of fruit trees
Mango growers slash chemical use

Ian and Gloria Pershouse grow mangoes near Calliope, and were funded $5,425 by Fitzroy Basin Association through the Australian Government’s

A Head Under Water volunteer at work
Head under water for reef monitoring

Head Under Water volunteers regularly dive on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef – all in the name of science. Their